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Rowley's FTCC

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About Us

The Rowley family has lived in Sweet Home since 1994 but our ties to Sweet Home stretch back to my wife’s birth. So our move here was as much a homecoming as a new family adventure.

My sons, Justin, Craig and Tim, graduated from Sweet Home High just as their mother did.

In service to the community, I have served for more than 20 years in various organizations including the:

  • Sweet Home Economic Development Group Board ‐ 6 yrs,
  • City of Sweet Home Planning Commission ‐ 10 yrs,
  • City of Sweet Home Budget Committee ‐ 4 yrs,
  • City of Sweet Home City Council ‐ 4 yrs.

In the picture, you see my wife (Debie) & me (Rich).

I am committed to your satisfaction and would rather accept nothing, than have you believe I didn’t do the best in meeting your needs and expectations. That’s a guarantee.

Rowley’s Fearless Tech Comp Consulting’s ethic is: “Right” is the only way we do it.

What is “Right?” Its satisfying your need with expedience and at a reasonable cost.

Rowley's FTCC

Give me a call (541-401-4778). I’m not that far away and can get to you sooner than you might think.
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