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Add Nickname To A iPhone Contact

Hands free dialing is always convent. Even more so while driving.

Having nicknames assigned to a contact makes it simpler for Siri to make the call for you. Even with both hands on the wheel.

Listen as Tech-Master Tim explains.

Stop Unwanted Malware & Adware

Malware and Adware are a constant threat to any internet connected device. Adware is an annoyance but malware is a threat. Listen as Tech-Master Tim tells you some simple steps you can take to minimize the threat of these showing up on your system.

DOOM On Your Chrombook

Doom is the penultimate, classic first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was fun then and you can enjoy that same fun now. Tech‐Master Tim will show you how.

Stop Popups! laughing

Popups are windows that open when automatically when you browse to a webpage.At best they’re an annoyance. Sometimes they blast you with so many windows at once that you can’t close them before more open.

Here Tech-Master Tim tells you about a simple, free way to add protection that stops popups from even starting.

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